RaZberry antenna hack

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I started to play with Z-Wave at home lately. I found an inexpensive Raspberry Pi Hat for that purpose which is simply called the RaZberry. It’s compatible with all the raspi models so far and it comes with the complete Z-Wave stack and exposes a WebUI + APIs to the user. The main issue that I encountered was the range of the antenna, I had a lots of problems to reach devices that were few meters away from the controller just separated by a thin wall, and I hadn’t had any other devices working in that frequency range that could mess with it.

VXLAN tunnel between 2 linux hosts in <5minutes

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Ok we only have 5 minutes so: Host A: Host B: Those hosts are behind multiple routers but the are reachable, and there is no firewall between them. We will create a VXLAN tunnel between those hosts to put them on the same network segment, like if we had a dedicated VLAN connecting the hosts. host A: ip link add vtep100 type vxlan id 100 dev br100 local 10.